Building Acosutics

Building Acoustics is an art of enhancing the sole of sound by reducing the reverberation and echo inside the building. Ic acoustics’ offers a no of acoustic wall/ceiling panels to meet the required reverberation time of the intended purpose of the Hall/ Building.

IC acoustics’ also offers a no of solutions to control the noise within the building. This includes the minimization of noise transmission from one place to other place.

Industrial Noise Control

IC acoustics offers no of Noise control products to control the Airbone, Structure Bone Noise/ Vibration within the Industry. We design and supply a broad range of high performance noise control products that save the employees of the companies from the noise hazards. We also offer a custom build solution to meet the required noise performance.

Acoustic Enclosure

IC ACOUSTICS enclosures are made of high absorptive panels which can be easily assembled and dismantled into a wide variety of pre-engineered structures used to control the excessive noise within the limit in Industrial as well as in commercial environment.

With a vast experience in the field of Industrial Noise Control, IC Acoustics can design and manufacture the Acoustic Enclosures for high degree of Noise Reduction.