Wooden Acoustic Door1

Metal Acoustic Door

IC Acoustics’ acoustic Doors are useful to prevent the noise the leakage from one room to other. We costume build the design of an Acoustic Door according to the requirement of customer need. Also the doors are available in wide variety of application with STC ratings from STC 30 to STC 64

We supply heavy duty steel Acoustic Doors in both single and double leaf Acoustic Doors with respect to the customer requirement.

IC Acoustics Doors are easily installed with provided Door Frames. Also, the Doors are provided with high quality hardware (i.e., Door Lock, Hinges, Handle, Tower Bolt etc.,) and an appropriate door seals to meet the required STC.


  • Compressor Room
  • DG Room
  • Engine Test Room
  • Plant Room
  • Control Room
  • Pump House
  • Blower Room
  • Any machine room

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